By having a wide variety of models of matter structuring at its disposal, modern science is trying to create completely new types of matter or materials with the properties necessary for facilitating the operation of machines and mechanisms under various adverse conditions.
It is important to note that some significant success has recently been achieved in the creation of materials with a structure modeled of diverse scales and sizes, and this scientific direction has been called nanomaterial science. However, there have been no significant breakthroughs in the creation of these materials for the needs of the microelectronic technologies industry.

In our opinion, it is essential that all modern models be based on only one Euclidean representation of the structure of a solid body. Therefore, we are currently working on a different and alternative approach to the description, structure and creation of materials with special or unique properties with the help of new ideas and vast experience accumulated in the study of material processing in a symmetrized electromagnetic field.

With the help of these new ideas conceived by a team of WF scientists about the processing of materials, a new technology has been developed that is intended to create materials with specified properties that are necessary for operating machines and mechanisms under adverse conditions. The proposed approach can be used to "edit-modify" the structure of many non-equilibrium materials and confirms the widely accepted concepts on crystal-chemical patterns. The newly developed technology can now be successfully introduced into mass production.

The abovementioned materials with specific properties can be used in many industries, for example, in the manufacture of single-crystal blades for aircraft engine turbines, the manufacturing of high-strength carbon fibers, and the manufacturing of high-quality crystalline materials. The WF team has already created a theoretical and experimental base to start implementing its ideas. A unique working prototype of the technological equipment has been created which has no known analogues in the world. The technology has already been successfully tested on a number of chemical processes, for example, in the processes of modification of crystalline and ceramic materials and alloys.